In the heart of the SCUBA chemical distribution system, our Powerblend Series stands as a testament to efficiency and adaptability in car wash solutions. Recognizing that the essence of a superior detergent lies in its composition, our formula adheres to a meticulous balance of 80% water, 15% builders, and 5% surfactants when mixed. This strategic blend, effortlessly combined by our SCUBA System, optimizes the cleaning potency of every wash. The system’s strength lies in its precision; it integrates alkaline or acidic bases with tailored surfactant packages, harmonizing with the local water supply.

This not only curtails unnecessary shipping costs but also empowers you with the flexibility to fine-tune the formula. Adjusting the levels of each component in response to specific cleaning conditions, the Powerblend Series delivers a customizable, cost-efficient, and high-performance cleaning solution, aligning perfectly with the dynamic needs of today’s car wash professionals.